south korea

01 Jan

New Year’s Day

24 Jan

Seollal (3 days)

27 Jan

Substitution of Seollal

01 Mar

Independence Movement Day

30 Apr

Buddha’s Day

05 May

Children’s Day

06 Jun

Memorial Day

15 Aug

Liberation Day

30 Sep

Chuseok (3 days)

03 Oct

National Foundation Day

09 Oct

Hangeul Day

25 Dec

Christmas Day

The public holiday dates listed above refer to non-working public holidays, whose dates may, in some countries, and some years, differ from the historical / commemorative dates.
In most cases, when a holiday falls on a weekend, the following weekday will be a holiday observance.
Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is correct at time of printing. However, some dates are subject to change and advice should be sought from the embassy concerned.